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What is EMDR?

EMDR for military
PDF snapshot of EMDRIA's brochure for veterans and military families

Therapy is a process…

EMDR is about updating and learning new information, and is not linear although a structured treatment. Learning may take longer if “old learning” is very strong. Your experiences and treatment will be personalized and tailored as such.

Imagine upgrading to a new computer. Our brains are like computers so we may ask ourselves, “Do we need an update or software revision?” How long it takes to update and learn a new system will take time. We will discuss what this will look like for you, what coping skills we will learn to prepare, and what does the roadmap look like to reach our destination goals.

My EMDR approach leans heavily on somatic (mind-body connections), attachment, and parts work/ego-state trainings, blended with other trauma-informed practices such as Mindfulness.

I initially became EMDR trained in 2015 and am currently pursuing certification through EMDRIA with a certified and approved consultant,  Stacey Brown, LPC, at Chugach Counseling & Consulting.

If you have questions about EMDR or wonder if it’s the right fit for you, feel free to reach out. I offer free 20-minute consultations. Click on the picture to access the entire brochure. Or, visit EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) for more information and resources.