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Let me help you chart a path to success by offering clinical supervision and consultation, so you can navigate confidently and grow professionally.

Supervision for Social Work Supervisees

My Approach & Philosophy:

My mission is to help the next generation of social workers and mental health clinicians thrive. I provide a supportive and safe environment for you to develop a strong clinical foundation rooted in ethical practices, therapist development, conceptualization, and clinical skills. I believe in supporting professionals as they grow both personally and professionally.

While I won’t hold your hand, I will offer guidance and resources to navigate the licensure process. I will encourage and motivate you to stay committed to your goals, provide moral support during times of frustration or self-doubt, and celebrate your successes with you.

Recognizing that everyone’s journey and growth are unique, I tailor my approach accordingly. My expertise lies in trauma-focused therapy and EMDR, with a special focus on military mental health and trauma in adults. Drawing from over 8 years of experience in this field and a lifetime immersed in military culture as a military brat and spouse, I bring a unique perspective to my work, integrating holistic, inclusive, attachment-focused, somatic techniques, and empowerment infused with humor.

What is Independent Clinical Social Work supervision?

As an NASW Qualified Supervisor and Virginia Board-Approved Supervisor, I can offer virtual supervision for social workers in Alaska and Virginia for those working towards their LCSW licensure outside of their agency or employer. To ensure that I can effectively guide, support, and oversee your progress, I may have to collaborate with your employer should we need to review your client notes, treatment plans, and consult on therapeutic interventions. A minimum of 1 hour per week is typically required, but if additional supervision is needed, we can arrange a combination of individual and group sessions based on availability. Please check in with your state board for approval and requirements.

Have questions or are not sure where to start? Reach out here and I’ll be in touch!

“Your potential is like a seed waiting to be nurtured. Once it receives the right environment, it will grow and flourish beyond imagination.” – Les Brown


Are you a mental health professional passionate about trauma-informed care and serving those who serve? Looking to refer your client/patient to EMDR, but you’re not sure what it is or if it’s a fit? I am thrilled to offer clinical consultation services to fellow mental health professionals and peers seeking expertise and guidance on various clinical issues, cultural competency, and clinical application. Additionally, I can provide training and consultation on how to support clients, especially for those in the military and veteran communities. You can check out my professional background here. Connect with me by scheduling a consultation. Have questions? Reach out to me here and I’ll be in touch!


Supervision groups could potentially be provided depending on the level of interest (with a maximum of 6 participants) for the purpose of alleviating clinical isolation, receiving feedback, and gaining valuable perspectives in a supportive environment.


  • Improving practice growth
  • Workflows and documentation (ie. letter and email templates, medical necessity)
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Effective telehealth practice and setup including EMDR (please note: I do not provide consultation towards your EMDR training or certification)
  • Setting healthy boundaries in telehealth practice
  • Colleague collaborations
  • Supporting Military and Veterans/First Responders
  • Complex trauma and attachment-focused cases
  • Preventing burnout: strategies and support
  • Building confidence in ethical decision-making and standards of practice
  • Enhancing your clinical skills and theoretical orientation
  • Training/education on EMDR, trauma-informed approaches, military culture, and mindfulness practice integration
  • Exam prep/Test anxiety

Fees and Details

  • 20-min Initial Consultation/Meet-and-Greet or Single Topic/Question Free
  • 1-hr Individual Supervision $95

    *I have limited spots available for reduced fees for those who demonstrate financial need

  • 1.5-2 hrs Group Supervision $45-50

    May vary depending on the length and number of participants in group supervision

  • 1-hr Consultation $95

    Get 1:1 personalized deep-diving support

Please note, the fees are subject to a change in 2024.

At this time, the setting for supervision and consultation sessions is via televideo through my HIPAA-compliant EHR or Google Meet.

Please provide me with at least 24-hour notice if you need to cancel/reschedule.

Interested in a peer consultation group? If there’s enough interest, I would be happy to provide a space for professional connection, growth, and support!

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