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EMDR Intensives for Empowering Change
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You’ve tried traditional therapy or peer support groups but you still can’t escape the cycle of feeling like a failure, not being good enough, feeling too sensitive, or just being too much.

Life’s challenges have left you drained, overwhelmed, and lost in a fog that refuses to clear.

This weight is impacting every aspect of your life – work, relationships, and your own sense of self.

Traditional therapy hasn’t provided the relief you crave, and weekly therapy sessions are beginning to feel like a slow boat on a vast, never-ending sea.

Or, perhaps the idea of dredging up painful experiences in brief sessions and then carrying on with your daily life is overwhelming.

You don’t want to reopen old wounds and expose yourself to further emotional vulnerability.

If you’re yearning for a more efficient and cost-effective way to navigate the waters of therapy, then it’s time to set sail toward the world of EMDR intensives.

What are EMDR Intensives?

EMDR intensives are a concentrated form of EMDR therapy designed to accelerate your healing journey. It offers a transformative approach that goes beyond traditional therapy, which can take several months or years to see significant progress, requiring a long investment in money, time, and energy. EMDR intensives offer an immersive experience for you to address your specific challenges, find faster relief, and promote lasting change. 


Benefits of an EMDR Intensive

Imagine giving yourself the chance to dive deep into the healing process. Instead of “band-aid” solutions or toughing it out, the goal is to help you find long-lasting relief, inner peace, and reestablish control over your life.

While the traditional medical model of 60-minute therapy sessions can be helpful, they may bring to surface unresolved past wounds in between sessions, leading to heightened levels of symptoms. That’s where EMDR intensives come in — offering a powerful alternative for individuals dealing with these “exposed wound” experiences or those who are seeking deeper, accelerated therapy over a sustained period of time.

Participating in EMDR intensives can make a significant impact on distressing memories and the symptoms they bring, allowing for the reprocessing of traumatic experiences and promoting true healing. 

EMDR Intensives are all about giving you the support you need to handle those intense emotions, reactions, and negative thoughts that can get in the way of living your best life. This therapy is truly transformative, helping you find your balance again and taking charge of your own life.

Other Questions

EMDR intensives are longer sessions that typically last 2 or more hours (with breaks), delivering an immersive healing experience and transformative results in a relatively short timeframe. These sessions invite you to delve deeply into your healing journey, so you can have greater inner peace, improved quality of sleep, heightened connection with loved ones, and a profound sense of truly living rather than merely surviving.

Unlike the traditional week to week model, these intensives allow you to work closely with your EMDR therapist for an extended duration. You can schedule these intensives for a single day, a weekend, or consecutive weeks. This flexible format allows for a more focused and personalized experience that caters to your unique needs, schedule, and goals. 

Currently, I offer virtual EMDR intensives, allowing you to embark on your healing journey from the comfort of your own home or a location of your choice anywhere in the states of Alaska and Virginia.

EMDR intensives offer support to those who:

  • Don’t want to wait weeks, months, or years for progress.
  • Prefer to deep dive in and work in bigger chunks.
  • Are unable to fit EMDR therapy into their weekly demands.
  • Are feeling triggered and overwhelmed in between sessions after talking about their trauma.
  • Are a busy parent or a working professional.
  • Travel often.
  • May be in talk therapy but are looking to work on a specific issue to then return to their primary therapist.
  • Are grappling with the impacts of traumatic experiences.

EMDR intensives may not be suitable for:

  • Those with certain medical conditions.
  • Severe mental health issues or uncontrolled dissociation.
  • People who are currently experiencing severe crisis or instability in their lives.
  • Recent suicide attempt or hospitalization
  • Unstable home situation, work, and/or social support.
  • Acute addiction or substance dependency.
  • Those who are uncomfortable with intensive therapeutic experiences (longer sessions) may wish to explore other options.

Phase 1: Navigating the Waves – Exploring EMDR and Consultation

Complete a pre-screened form and schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good fit and address any questions or concerns.

Phase 2: Toes in the Tide – Assessment and Preparation

During this phase, we are dipping our toes in the water and will conduct an assessment, possibly plan for follow-up sessions, provide resources, and schedule the intensive session.

Phase 3: Deep Dive – Intensive Session

Intensive session(s) involves delving into the core traumatic experiences we chose to target in our planning and processing them thoroughly using EMDR therapy and other trauma-informed approaches.

Phase 4: Resurfacing Strong: Post-Intensive Follow-Up and the Waves of Progress

Schedule a follow-up session to assess progress, discuss changes and insights, and establish a mental health maintenance plan moving forward.

Types of Customized Intensive-Focused Packages

Riding the Waves – Somatic Coping Skills Package
1 three-hour session
Learn somatic coping skills, such as grounding tactics, bilateral stimulation techniques, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and breathwork
Enhance emotional awareness and build confidence
Ideal for managing everyday stress, regulating emotions, and preparing for trauma work
Tidal Resilience – Recent Event Package
1 to 2 three-hour sessions
Focus on recent traumatic events within the past 6 months
Address ongoing traumatic stress
Suitable for first responders, military personnel, car accident survivors, healthcare professionals, and individuals experiencing compassion fatigue or burnout
Breaking Barriers – Core Beliefs Package
2 to 3 three-hour sessions
Target deeply ingrained limiting beliefs that hinder personal growth
Examples of limiting beliefs include "I'm unworthy," "I'm a failure," "I'm not good enough"
Overcome these barriers and unlock your potential
Anchored in Connection – Attachment-Focused Package
3 to 4 three-hour sessions
Designed for individuals with childhood or complex trauma
Specialized protocol for internal healing and fostering a healthy attachment within oneself
Personalized recommendations for an EMDR package to address specific unresolved trauma needs will be provided at the conclusion of the sessions
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*These are options & recommendations but can be customizable to fit your unique needs

The Investment

EMDR intensives are a cost-effective way to invest in your mental health, condensing the therapy process into a shorter period for profound results. EMDR intensives are typically not covered by insurance and are self-pay. Insurance may cover the Pre-Intensive Intake, prep sessions, and follow-up sessions.  Payment is due at the time of these services.

A credit card on file is required. All major credit/debit cards, including HSA/FSA cards, and Care Credit are accepted. I also assist with out-of-network billing, financing, and payment plans.


*Payment is done in non-refundable deposits of 25% of the total amount, or per session:

  • When you book the pre-intensive interview assessment
  • On the day we have the pre-intensive session
  • On the day of the intensive session(s)
  • On the day of the follow-up post-intensive session

These cover developing your individualized treatment plan, personalized treatment workbook, unlimited access to a secure chat and resources, reserving your scheduled appointment, and your Welcome Care Package. Payment can be flexible based on your treatment plan.

Research Supporting EMDR Intensive Therapy

Research on EMDR intensives is limited but growing. Studies have shown promising results regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of this approach. Research suggests that this approach can be a valuable and efficient option for individuals seeking trauma-focused therapy. Here are some linked studies:


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